10 years later….

I hear people wanting to give up on something after a few weeks or a few months because it’s hard. OMG! NO! You don’t know what HARD it is. HARD is chasing a goal for 10 years… HARD is asking for help and having people turn their back on you. HARD is coming home crying but having to suck it up and do it again tomorrow because you promised yourself you would.

It took me a LONG 10 years to get through college. It wasn’t because I took some time off and studied abroad, or took a few classes at a time. It was because I was ON THE FREAKING STRUGGLE BUS!! I failed multiple classes MULTIPLE times, had a difficult time not only with the classes but understanding the teachers as well. When I saw all my friends graduating and moving on I got discouraged…. When I saw people YOUNGER than I was graduating, I got depressed. After I was “INVITED TO LEAVE” the school (wink wink), I wanted to quit and say “SCREW THIS!” But I just couldn’t do it. With 7 classes left and I just couldn’t walk away just because they wanted me to. 

So I transferred schools and got a change of scenery. I needed to be at PLNU because they ACTUALLY wanted their students to do well. In 9 months I graduated with my finance degree in one hand and my middle finger to my old school becauseI DID IT! I did it when they thought I couldn’t.

Work everyday at your goal….Business, fitness, personal, etc. Your goal isn’t supposed to come easy- otherwise it wouldn’t be called a goal, right? No matter if you have people in your corner, or people rooting against you…Keep working on it. It took me 10 YEARS to graduate and I worked at it everyday. How long have you been working on your goal?