7 Tips on how to get through it…

Anyone else feel super full? Or guilty about all the food they’ve eaten over the past few days? 🙋 Don’t even stress!! I have 7 tips to help you today!! 

✔️Don’t beat yourself up over it. The damage is done… no use crying over it
✔️Workout RIGHT NOW! No better time to start than now 💯
✔️ Bring bright light in!!! 🌅🌞💡If you sit in a dark house all day, do you really think you’re going to pull yourself up off the couch?🤔
✔️Get ahead of the game. While everyone else is making excuses and saying, “I’ll start Jan”👉👉you start today!!!🤘
✔️ Do a really FUN workout! Don’t do something you’re going to dread or that you don’t like. Do something that’s going to get you feeling GOOD- no matter the workout.
✔️ SLEEP 🛌😴 get plenty of it!!!
✔️Do what you say you’re going to do. 🚫Don’t make plans and then not follow through. 🚫Don’t tell yourself how much you want this and then talk yourself out of it. 🚫Don’t make empty promises. If you’re going to do.. then Do It!!