When you see a transformation as amazing as hers you think 2 things:
# 1 WOW, She looks great! What did she do? I wanna do it too! I could look like that….
# 2 I couldn’t do it though…. With my schedule- kids, work, running errands, a crying baby, being on one income, etc there’s no way I could do this… I’m sure she had more free time…. I’m sure she had the money…. I’m sure she had the support, etc
You get super excited for a quick second because you want it too, but then you let FEAR and DOUBT take over. Before you learedn about anything you’ve already talked yourself out of it with excuses.
What if I told you she is a working mom of 2 girls who is on a budget (LIKE EVERYONE ELSE). What if I told you she had a stroke in her 20’s and wasn’t going to allow excuses to run her life. What if I told you she is still making smart and healthy decisions today and that this was not just a quick fix for her…
We could sit back and come up with a million reasons why “I shouldn’t do this, or can’t do this.” But we both know it’s the FEAR and DOUBT talking. If you want it, make it happen!
Don’t let the fear of what COULD happen, make NOTHING happen

New Year’s…

How are those🎉 New Year’s Resolutions🎉 going for you? 🤔

👉👉This is probably the hardest week for you because the excitement of the New Year is over, you’ve been working out for a week now and you’re probably realizing this shit is hard work. 💯 

👉👉This is also the point where people start to give up… Kids are officially back in school and life has returned to normal- homework, practice, and all other things going on in our daily life.

👉👉So today as things get a little hard for you….as you think about how easy you had it before (sleeping in, eating whatever), think about WHY you started this? WHY did you want to get healthy? WHY did you want to lose those extra pounds? THINK about you felt BEFORE you started and THINK about how excited you were. Remind yourself how you PROMISED yourself you WOULDN’T QUIT this time.

👉👉If you’re finding this hard, you’re on the RIGHT TRACK because that means you’re TRYING. This isn’t supposed to be easy. If it was easy, everyone would do it. 💯


I got into coaching without a single shred of knowledge, education, training or anything else for that matter. I just wanted to do something that I could enjoy… something to fill in the time while the kids napped …something I could be proud of…. Something where I felt like I was making a difference… something where I could earn a little pocket money and be able to help with groceries or gas….And something where I could grow as a person.

I didn’t know if I’d be good, or if I could help anyone. I didn’t know what I had to or if anyone would join me…

But one thing I had was BELIEF. I BELIEVED that eating right and exercising daily would help me reach my goals. I BELIEVED being apart of an accountability group would help keep me motivated and prevent me from quitting (like I’d done before). I BELIEVED that sharing my story and journey could show others that if I could do it, so could they. I BELIEVED that even if no one joined me….I’d still be trying my best to help people reach their goals….whatever it may be.

Coaching is something that ANYONE can do….if you want to motivate people… If you want to show people what happens when you don’t quit. If you want to help make a difference in someone else’s life….then why not? Why not coach?

In the past 2 years, I’ve been blessed to be able to help my family, friends, friends I lost touch with, people I went to high school with, former co-workers, Kenny’s co-workers and even complete strangers reach their goals. How awesome is this??? All because I said, “why not? What do I have to lose?”

Now look, I have this person who wants to pee in my pool because she is so excited about reaching her goal in a few months and I couldn’t be more proud of her!!! Ahhh!! That’s what this is all about- watching people transform and watching them have a new outlook on life!! ❤️❤️❤️

If you’re curious about coaching, click the link in my bio or send me a message.

What’s the plan???

OOOOH What’s going on in the Lawrence House??? Check out these recipes!!



I get it….

I get it..You’re comfortable where you are and it’s easy to stay in the same routine. It’s easy to NOT take time out of your day and plan ahead. It’s even easier to NOT make a healthy meal just to avoid the groans and moans and even cries from family because it’s grilled chicken and broccoli again. It’s easy to go to a drive thru and have everyone be HAPPY.

I get it. It’s comfortable to do what everyone else is doing by letting go and not paying attention to your nutrition. Eating all the cookies everywhere and telling yourself HOW busy you are and HOW you don’t have anytime to workout. It’s easy to follow the crowd so you don’t hear “What’s with you being on a DIET in DECEMBER?” or “What’s with you not wanting to eat this….?” It’s EASY to do that. 

I get it. You don’t want anyone being the boss of you and telling you, you can’t have this or that. Or that you have to workout, you have to wake up early and you have to do this program and go for X many reps. I get that YOU want to be in control. You want to be comfortable.

But right now….sometimes being comfortable isn’t always the best thing. Being comfortable doesn’t push you, challenge you or get you to where you REALLY want to go. Being comfortable just allows you to stay in the same place…. and who wants to stay there? Don’t you want to see what you’re really capable of?

If you’re ready to step out there with me and join my test group, comment below with your favorite emoji or click on the link in my bio for more info.

Funny how things happen

2 years later and I think back about the girl who I once was. SHY, ANXIOUS, a total HERMIT, and someone who would rather puke than speak in PUBLIC hahaha YUP that was me. Now, I’m still shy, but I’m more CONFIDENT. I don’t get as anxious in situations because I feel more at PEACE. I’m still a hermit hahaha What can I say, I’m such a homebody but I love it. But as far as public speaking goes, I now have to watch the time to make sure I don’t talk too much. Because now I actually have something I’m excited to talk about. I actually feel like I have PURPOSE and PASSION. 
Yes, coaching has helped me lose the baby weight. Yes, I can fit into that size….those jeans blah blah blah boring!!! But sometimes the BIGGER and more IMPORTANT transformation isn’t what’s on the outside….its what’s on the inside….it’s what people can’t see.
If you would have told me there was something out there that could help you in all aspects of your life (financially, mentally, physically)…I would’ve thought SCAM!!! TOTAL SCAM!! That stuff isn’t real!! But if you know me or have been following me, you can see how I’ve changed on the inside. My own mom told me awhile back that I’m not the same person I was when I first started…. AND THAT’S A GOOD THING. hahha I want to improve myself and be a better person.
Funny, when I started I was just hoping to lose the baby weight and maybe have a friend or 2 join me for the ride. Did I think I would change on the inside? NOPE!! But I did. And so can you!!
If you’re looking to make a change and curious about what I do as fitness coach, check out my link in the bio or send me a message and I can help answer some questions you may have.

It’s just like brushing your teeth…

Think about what happens when you wake up and brush your teeth 🤔🤔   Do you even think about doing it? Or question if you have time to do it? NO! You just do it because it’s apart of your morning routine. Same thing happens when you work out at the same time each day. You don’t question if you have time or if you feel like doing it… You Just Do It.

Tip of the day: workout at the same time each day to establish a pattern…a habit.. a routine! Make it easier on you instead scrambling everyday and trying to figure out when you can do it and how you can get it in. 

What do you value

When it comes to investing in your health and fitness, I often hear:
🔻It’s too expensive
🔻I don’t want to drink my meals
🔻I have kids in daycare/activities and can’t afford another expense
🔻The holidays are coming and we are cutting back
🔻I can find something that is similar much cheaper
🔻I don’t want to use it because it has cane sugar in it.
🔻I can’t workout at home.

I know that we all have different budgets and I can’t tell you what you can afford, but it really comes down to whether you find value in it or not. When you go out Saturday night and spend money on drinks🍷, appetizers, dinner🍝, you find a way to afford it?? When you buy a new outfit 👗👜for a ONE event, you find a way to afford it. When you go into Target for ONE ITEM, and come out with Aisle 12🛍️, you find a way to afford it. When the latest iPhone/tablet/or whatever gadget 📱🖥️📺comes out, you find a way to afford it. Why isn’t the same thing for your health? 🤔 We find a way to afford other things because we find value in it….but why don’t we value our health?🤔

When I first looked into this whole fitness thing and eating right, I thought “HOW MUCH….NOW WAY!!” 🤯The cost drove me away because that was the only thing I cared about….not what it could do for me, not what it provided for me….but how much it cost. After doing some research, I slowly started to make changes so that we COULD afford it.
🔻I started planning out our meals instead of wandering aimlessly through the store and buying random crap.
🔻I started preparing portioned meals instead of making too much food and having it spoil.
🔻I stopped going through drive thru because I thought it was convenient and began using my crockpot on a regular basis.
🔻Instead of feeling bad about wanting to make a change, I sat down with Kenny Lawrence and told him how important this was to me and how BAD I really wanted it.

👉I can’t tell you that $4/day is in your budget or not….but I can tell you that YOU can make ANYTHING happen!!! You just have to be willing to look inside and tell yourself that you can make the change! 💯

How did you do it???

So, Cassie Jackson what did you do to get your results?
Did you take a short cut? NOPE
Did you starve yourself? NOPE
Did you take the easy way out? NOPE
Did you eat healthy and follow a balanced diet? YES
Did you workout everyday? YES
Did you put in the effort and work hard for your results? YES
It’s that simple. We tend to over complicate things and make things super hard on ourselves but it really doesn’t have to be. All you have to do is eat right and get your body moving!
I’m sure you’re thinking, Cassie Jackson and Lana, I would TOTALLY love to join your upcoming fitness groups, but it’s the holidays and I can’t commit to something new…. YES YOU CAN. You can totally start. You don’t have to CUT EVERYTHING out or all of sudden throw yourself in…but you can start making little changes right now which will make January that much easier for you.
You might be thinking, Cassie Jackson and Lana, I would TOTALLY love to join your upcoming fitness group, but it’s the holidays and I’m already buying gifts for every. single. person I’ve ever met….. YES YOU CAN. You can totally start. Haven’t you heard the saying- you need to take care of you first? (I HAVE)… Or maybe finances are a little hard right now….well, put this on your Christmas list and have someone else buy it for you. (I just had someone do that this week….and guess what? She won the Cyber Monday gift)
Come on and join us!!!! If you want details on our upcoming group or are ready to join, please reach out let us know. We’d love to chat!!!

Jump in…

I hear people say, “oh I could never do that coaching thing you do…” Whaaaaaat!!! Why not??? Tell me one good reason you can’t…

Is it because:
🙋 You’re not at your goal?👉 I wasn’t either. But coaching actually helped me get closer to my goal a lot faster.

🌅You’re afraid what people would think?👉Who cares? Why should their opinion matter?

🤡 You don’t have a following on social media?👉 I didn’t either. But I grew my business one day at a time….one follower at a time.

🏋️ You’re worried about “selling”? 👉 I don’t sell anything. In fact I couldn’t sell anything to anyone. I SHARE. I share my journey and if you want to come along with me, GREAT. I don’t have inventory stored in my garage or anything like that.

You don’t have time? 👉How much time do you think it takes? Do you know I work around my kid’s schedules? I set my own hours and days and decided when I start and stop. I create the flexibility I WANT.

🎠 You don’t know how to help people? 👉Neither did I….but I learned. And when I didn’t have the answer I asked and worked with other coaches who could help me.

🎄You’re worried about what would happen if you realized it wasn’t for you….so you don’t want to start?👉 Then quit. If you try coaching and down the road you don’t like it…quit. No harm.

🍩You’re not sure if you’d be good?👉 you’ll never know if you continue to sit and watch.

Sooooo….if you’re ready to take that step and jump in, comment below 👇with your favorite emoji!! ❤️ I can hands down say coaching has the been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. (Don’t roll your eyes…but it has)