Beat the Holiday Bulge

Every year at this time I would get annoyed/disgusted/embarrassed because I realized how much candy I’ve eaten since Halloween. The wrappers in the trash would make me think, “Ok, I’m going to make a change.” But, of course I wouldn’t. I would think, “Well, I can’t now because of Thanksgiving…BUT, I can’t do it before Christmas. So I might as well make a fresh start on Jan 2.” Sound familiar???

So what would I do In the meantime??? Eat whatever I felt like. I’d think.. “What’s the point of watching what I’m eating now if I’m not going to take it seriously until January 2?” I started talking myself OUT of why I should start now. It’s too stressful with the holidays- family, friends, company, shopping, etc. So instead of getting a JUMP START on January 2….I would let myself go and do NOTHING. I became the total statistic of gaining 7-10 pounds during the holidays. UGGH!!!!

We have to remind ourselves that the holidays are ONE DAY. We have THANKSGIVING (one day) and CHRISTMAS (one day). Yes, I’ll cheat and overeat and probably drink too much. But guess what happens on Black Friday and Dec 26? I go right back to following my plan….BECAUSE it’s ONE DAY! I can’t allow ALL my hard work of waking up at 4am go right out the window just because a few weeks out of the year are little CRAZY.

So, if you want to stay on track or get a jump start on your fitness plan, LET’S DO THIS!!!! My upcoming group Beat the Holiday Bulge starts the Monday after Thanksgiving (Nov 27) and will end Dec 23. Don’t be like the old me and throw in the towel and take the easy way out to January. NOPE!!! Get a JUMP on it NOW! If you want details send me a message.