Challenge Group

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You’re probably wondering what my challenge group is like, right? Well, after you’re signed up with a program, I’ll add you my closed facebook group where I help you stay motivated and accountable.  I share some of my favorite healthy recipes with you, along with healthy tips (over coming late night snacking, how to stay on track when you go out to dinner, etc), and we have mini challenges (plank, ab challenge, etc).

Part of the reason why my group has been so successful is the accountability.  Anyone can purchase a workout program, sign up for the gym, eat healthy, and so forth, but motivation quickly fades if no one is there holding you accountable.

The groups typically last 3 weeks and at the end of the 3 weeks, you can choose to join my next group, or continue on by yourself.  No matter what you decide, I will ALWAYS be here as your coach.

Here is a LIVE video I made on Facebook after I saw my challenger’s before and progress picture: