What is coaching?  How do you do it? How much do you make? What are the requirements?  I have attached a couple of videos from other coaches along with myself to better explain it.  Sometimes it’s easier to hear from someone, rather than reading a bunch of words on a screen.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned from coaching is that it’s not just about Beachbody.  It’s about having an active lifestyle and sharing about it with others.  Yes, I do workout with a lot of Beachbody programs, but I still go out for walks/runs, and I still plan on running a race in October and November, there are still other coaches who attend the gym regularly and who work out with a personal trainers.  Being apart of BeachBody doesn’t mean you are tied down to one specific program for the rest of your career.

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Some common myths of coaching:

-You ONLY use certain programs
-NOT TRUE. I choose to workout at home because having small kids makes it impossible to get to the gym. There are other coaches out there who are personal trainers, go to the gym, continue to run/walk/compete. It’s about living a healthy lifestyle and sharing it with others.

-You have to be certified or a personal trainer
-NOT TRUE. I got my degree in finance but always had a passion for health and fitness. I’m a mom who lost the baby weight and wants to help others out there do the same.

-You have to be salsey
-NOT TRUE I’m not doing this to CONVINCE or PERSUADE anyone. I’m here to help others ONLY if they want it.

-You take money from your team
NOT TRUE. Each coach’s success depends on their own hard work. People on my team can actually make more than I make and can become more successful.

-Coaching takes up all your free time
-NOT TRUE. I set office hours and choose when I want to work. I schedule my day around Kenny and the kids. There are days when I’m busier than others, but that was the schedule I made for myself that day. 

-Beachbody is a pyramid scheme
-NOT TRUE. Pyramids are illegal and BB has been approved by the BBB.

-You have to have a big following on social media
-NOT TRUE. I started this business with 200 friends on FB and NO Instagram account. I’ve grown my friends/followers to 1200 FB and 3600 IG.

-Other coaches who live in your area can make it difficult to start
-NOT TRUE. It’s great to be able to connect with others who live close. You can workout together, run challenges, meet up for help/support etc

-Living in a small town is a disadvantage.
-NOT TRUE. Most of my challengers and coaches are NOT from my town. I have people spread out all over the country.

-You have to be outgoing
-NOT TRUE. I am very shy around new people and often can be quiet. But that’s part of who I am. If I’m shy or loud, that’s who I am and I’m not going to change that.

-It’s expensive to sign up
NOT TRUE. It’s $160 and it covers ALL your workouts, meal containers, a shaker cup and 30 days of shakeology

-I have to deal with inventory
-NOT TRUE. When someone signs up with you, send them your link

-If it doesn’t work out, I have to pay fees for canceling.
-NOT TRUE. Just call up customer service and cancel

If you ever thought about working from home and wanting to help others, please message me because I would LOVE to help you. I went from knowing nothing about coaching, no training, no experience to now the founder of Team Awesome Sauce! I’m helping women not only live a healthy life style but also showing them how to grow a business from their kitchen table.

Don’t let these myths hold you back…


Drowning in debt and working 3+ jobs to staying at home and finding passion.

What kind of coach are you- Discount? Hobby? Business?

Who makes a great coach?

How much do I have to pay to sign up as a coach?


What if… What if got healthy… What if you made some money… What if your life changed…