When you see a transformation as amazing as hers you think 2 things:
# 1 WOW, She looks great! What did she do? I wanna do it too! I could look like that….
# 2 I couldn’t do it though…. With my schedule- kids, work, running errands, a crying baby, being on one income, etc there’s no way I could do this… I’m sure she had more free time…. I’m sure she had the money…. I’m sure she had the support, etc
You get super excited for a quick second because you want it too, but then you let FEAR and DOUBT take over. Before you learedn about anything you’ve already talked yourself out of it with excuses.
What if I told you she is a working mom of 2 girls who is on a budget (LIKE EVERYONE ELSE). What if I told you she had a stroke in her 20’s and wasn’t going to allow excuses to run her life. What if I told you she is still making smart and healthy decisions today and that this was not just a quick fix for her…
We could sit back and come up with a million reasons why “I shouldn’t do this, or can’t do this.” But we both know it’s the FEAR and DOUBT talking. If you want it, make it happen!
Don’t let the fear of what COULD happen, make NOTHING happen