Funny how things happen

2 years later and I think back about the girl who I once was. SHY, ANXIOUS, a total HERMIT, and someone who would rather puke than speak in PUBLIC hahaha YUP that was me. Now, I’m still shy, but I’m more CONFIDENT. I don’t get as anxious in situations because I feel more at PEACE. I’m still a hermit hahaha What can I say, I’m such a homebody but I love it. But as far as public speaking goes, I now have to watch the time to make sure I don’t talk too much. Because now I actually have something I’m excited to talk about. I actually feel like I have PURPOSE and PASSION. 
Yes, coaching has helped me lose the baby weight. Yes, I can fit into that size….those jeans blah blah blah boring!!! But sometimes the BIGGER and more IMPORTANT transformation isn’t what’s on the outside….its what’s on the inside….it’s what people can’t see.
If you would have told me there was something out there that could help you in all aspects of your life (financially, mentally, physically)…I would’ve thought SCAM!!! TOTAL SCAM!! That stuff isn’t real!! But if you know me or have been following me, you can see how I’ve changed on the inside. My own mom told me awhile back that I’m not the same person I was when I first started…. AND THAT’S A GOOD THING. hahha I want to improve myself and be a better person.
Funny, when I started I was just hoping to lose the baby weight and maybe have a friend or 2 join me for the ride. Did I think I would change on the inside? NOPE!! But I did. And so can you!!
If you’re looking to make a change and curious about what I do as fitness coach, check out my link in the bio or send me a message and I can help answer some questions you may have.