I get it….

I get it..You’re comfortable where you are and it’s easy to stay in the same routine. It’s easy to NOT take time out of your day and plan ahead. It’s even easier to NOT make a healthy meal just to avoid the groans and moans and even cries from family because it’s grilled chicken and broccoli again. It’s easy to go to a drive thru and have everyone be HAPPY.

I get it. It’s comfortable to do what everyone else is doing by letting go and not paying attention to your nutrition. Eating all the cookies everywhere and telling yourself HOW busy you are and HOW you don’t have anytime to workout. It’s easy to follow the crowd so you don’t hear “What’s with you being on a DIET in DECEMBER?” or “What’s with you not wanting to eat this….?” It’s EASY to do that. 

I get it. You don’t want anyone being the boss of you and telling you, you can’t have this or that. Or that you have to workout, you have to wake up early and you have to do this program and go for X many reps. I get that YOU want to be in control. You want to be comfortable.

But right now….sometimes being comfortable isn’t always the best thing. Being comfortable doesn’t push you, challenge you or get you to where you REALLY want to go. Being comfortable just allows you to stay in the same place…. and who wants to stay there? Don’t you want to see what you’re really capable of?

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