Jump in…

I hear people say, “oh I could never do that coaching thing you do…” Whaaaaaat!!! Why not??? Tell me one good reason you can’t…

Is it because:
🙋 You’re not at your goal?👉 I wasn’t either. But coaching actually helped me get closer to my goal a lot faster.

🌅You’re afraid what people would think?👉Who cares? Why should their opinion matter?

🤡 You don’t have a following on social media?👉 I didn’t either. But I grew my business one day at a time….one follower at a time.

🏋️ You’re worried about “selling”? 👉 I don’t sell anything. In fact I couldn’t sell anything to anyone. I SHARE. I share my journey and if you want to come along with me, GREAT. I don’t have inventory stored in my garage or anything like that.

You don’t have time? 👉How much time do you think it takes? Do you know I work around my kid’s schedules? I set my own hours and days and decided when I start and stop. I create the flexibility I WANT.

🎠 You don’t know how to help people? 👉Neither did I….but I learned. And when I didn’t have the answer I asked and worked with other coaches who could help me.

🎄You’re worried about what would happen if you realized it wasn’t for you….so you don’t want to start?👉 Then quit. If you try coaching and down the road you don’t like it…quit. No harm.

🍩You’re not sure if you’d be good?👉 you’ll never know if you continue to sit and watch.

Sooooo….if you’re ready to take that step and jump in, comment below 👇with your favorite emoji!! ❤️ I can hands down say coaching has the been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. (Don’t roll your eyes…but it has)