7 Tips on how to get through it…

Anyone else feel super full? Or guilty about all the food they’ve eaten over the past few days? 🙋 Don’t even stress!! I have 7 tips to help you today!! 

✔️Don’t beat yourself up over it. The damage is done… no use crying over it
✔️Workout RIGHT NOW! No better time to start than now 💯
✔️ Bring bright light in!!! 🌅🌞💡If you sit in a dark house all day, do you really think you’re going to pull yourself up off the couch?🤔
✔️Get ahead of the game. While everyone else is making excuses and saying, “I’ll start Jan”👉👉you start today!!!🤘
✔️ Do a really FUN workout! Don’t do something you’re going to dread or that you don’t like. Do something that’s going to get you feeling GOOD- no matter the workout.
✔️ SLEEP 🛌😴 get plenty of it!!!
✔️Do what you say you’re going to do. 🚫Don’t make plans and then not follow through. 🚫Don’t tell yourself how much you want this and then talk yourself out of it. 🚫Don’t make empty promises. If you’re going to do.. then Do It!!

72 hours changed everything

Finally getting a chance to lay down and think about the past 72 hours ❤️❤️❤️ Omg it’s been a freaking blast. I’ve had the honor to be apart of this Coaching Retreat to not only get spoiled for my hard work work but to also learn and connect with other women in the business. 

I think back to when I first thought of coaching, I tried talking myself out of it….thinking that I could Never Do It….I have 2 kids- how could I make this work? But the more and more I thought of it, the more and more I wanted it. And soon it became apparent that I was either going to jump in and take a leap or I would forever watch in the shadows thinking -what if??

Look, I started this with no experience, no training, NOTHING like that. But I’ve lead with my HEART because I believed I could make a difference in not just my life….but others too. So when you’re ready to STOP watching in the shadows, and start helping people come join me!! You can comment below or send me a message.


Don’t FIGHT it…EMBRACE it. 👍😁😎 The more you resist it and dread it and hate it….the more you’re going to NOT do it, right? Because who wants to do something they hate? NOT ME 🙋 So change your mindset! 👉This doesn’t have to be a chore. This can be FUN if you allow yourself to have FUN. ✌️🤘 My tip….Wake up early, blast your favorite music and LET GO of EVERYTHING holding you back!!❤️

What does yours look like????

I have someone in my group who needed a few ideas with her meal plan. Instead of sending her a bunch of links and referring her somewhere else, I asked if she’d like me to create a meal plan for her…. she agreed.
There’s always wiggle room….change out the veggies, change the way the eggs are prepared….etc. The point is to give her an idea of what her day should look like.
If you like what you see here, copy the recipes and use them yourself. I’ve made all of the following meals and LOVE them!!
(For grilled chicken)

Beat the Holiday Bulge

Every year at this time I would get annoyed/disgusted/embarrassed because I realized how much candy I’ve eaten since Halloween. The wrappers in the trash would make me think, “Ok, I’m going to make a change.” But, of course I wouldn’t. I would think, “Well, I can’t now because of Thanksgiving…BUT, I can’t do it before Christmas. So I might as well make a fresh start on Jan 2.” Sound familiar???

So what would I do In the meantime??? Eat whatever I felt like. I’d think.. “What’s the point of watching what I’m eating now if I’m not going to take it seriously until January 2?” I started talking myself OUT of why I should start now. It’s too stressful with the holidays- family, friends, company, shopping, etc. So instead of getting a JUMP START on January 2….I would let myself go and do NOTHING. I became the total statistic of gaining 7-10 pounds during the holidays. UGGH!!!!

We have to remind ourselves that the holidays are ONE DAY. We have THANKSGIVING (one day) and CHRISTMAS (one day). Yes, I’ll cheat and overeat and probably drink too much. But guess what happens on Black Friday and Dec 26? I go right back to following my plan….BECAUSE it’s ONE DAY! I can’t allow ALL my hard work of waking up at 4am go right out the window just because a few weeks out of the year are little CRAZY.

So, if you want to stay on track or get a jump start on your fitness plan, LET’S DO THIS!!!! My upcoming group Beat the Holiday Bulge starts the Monday after Thanksgiving (Nov 27) and will end Dec 23. Don’t be like the old me and throw in the towel and take the easy way out to January. NOPE!!! Get a JUMP on it NOW! If you want details send me a message.

10 years later….

I hear people wanting to give up on something after a few weeks or a few months because it’s hard. OMG! NO! You don’t know what HARD it is. HARD is chasing a goal for 10 years… HARD is asking for help and having people turn their back on you. HARD is coming home crying but having to suck it up and do it again tomorrow because you promised yourself you would.

It took me a LONG 10 years to get through college. It wasn’t because I took some time off and studied abroad, or took a few classes at a time. It was because I was ON THE FREAKING STRUGGLE BUS!! I failed multiple classes MULTIPLE times, had a difficult time not only with the classes but understanding the teachers as well. When I saw all my friends graduating and moving on I got discouraged…. When I saw people YOUNGER than I was graduating, I got depressed. After I was “INVITED TO LEAVE” the school (wink wink), I wanted to quit and say “SCREW THIS!” But I just couldn’t do it. With 7 classes left and I just couldn’t walk away just because they wanted me to. 

So I transferred schools and got a change of scenery. I needed to be at PLNU because they ACTUALLY wanted their students to do well. In 9 months I graduated with my finance degree in one hand and my middle finger to my old school becauseI DID IT! I did it when they thought I couldn’t.

Work everyday at your goal….Business, fitness, personal, etc. Your goal isn’t supposed to come easy- otherwise it wouldn’t be called a goal, right? No matter if you have people in your corner, or people rooting against you…Keep working on it. It took me 10 YEARS to graduate and I worked at it everyday. How long have you been working on your goal? 

What really happens when you see progress

What I hate about making progress, is thinking that I’m doing sooooo good that I can relax a little.   Because you know what happens? All that progress goes away since my head got big and told me to slow down. 🤪And what’s even harder, is GETTING back in it. 😳 I feel disappointed in myself because I didn’t keep up, mad that I didn’t keep my promise to myself and annoyed that I’m starting from square 1.

It’s ok to feel Disappointed, Mad or Annoyed. What’s not ok, is to feel like you’ve- failed, given up, quit.

Just because you saw progress 3 months ago and stopped working out, doesn’t mean you can’t start right now and see some progress in about 3 weeks.

The holidays are here NOW.. but don’t let that be an excuse to NOT do anything. Don’t tell yourself that you’ll get back on track in January…tell yourself you’ll do it now!!! Because it’s important NOW!!

My upcoming fitness accountability group starts Monday Nov 27. If this something you’re ready for, comment with your favorite emoji and I’ll send you some details. 😎😍💪🏋️

Learn Something New…

Don’t think of this as hard work. Think of it as something new to learn. 

When you first started to learn how to drive were you perfect? Nope! You were probably nervous and excited and couldn’t wait till the day where you had your license.  Did you ever think to yourself- I can’t do this? I should just quit? Haha NO. You thought, I WILL learn how to drive and parallel park. 

Same thing should be for your fitness.You’re learning something new and developing new habits. You don’t have to be perfect right now….you just have to be open to learning and figuring out what works best for you.


Who are you in competition with?

Comparing myself to the person next to me won’t help me get closer to my goal. But….it will give me motivation. It will show me that it IS possible to achieve it.

I used to think  how can I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes… I’m older now, my body has changed, metabolism is different, and I’m a lot more tired now than I was when I was younger….so how on earth can I do this?

After seeing other moms change, I thought- if they could do it, WHY CAN’T I? I had to be careful to not compare myself to them….but I had to learn from them…. I didn’t focus on watching HER use 12 pounds while I struggled to lift 10. I didn’t stress on why SHE didn’t have to take breaks during her workout while I barely managed to make it 10 minutes. I didn’t worry about how she could eat salads and veggies all day while I hardly added one carrot into my diet each day.

But I knew if she could work hard…why couldn’t I work just as hard?

Don’t compare yourself to others….but let them be your motivation.

YOU are to BLAME

We can’t blame Halloween for the reason we’ve cheated. We can’t blame it on a stressful day at work or the kids. We can’t blame it on the holidays or that we’ve got company in town. Or that it’s the weekend, or a random Wednesday. We have to take ownership for our actions and we have to stop blaming outside things. We have to blame ourselves because WE are the only reason WE’VE messed up.

Yesterday, the kids stressed me out because they were acting crazy all day, I didn’t make the dinner I planned because I was exhausted, and after an evening of trick or treating I just wanted to lay in bed with some Skittles… I could’ve made the dinner anyway, I could’ve tried harder to get the kids to calm down, I could’ve said NO to the candy…. but I didn’t. 

I don’t blame anything or anyone but me… Mistakes are going to happen, but it’s how you deal with it and move past it. Today I get right back in it and keep going -pressing play and eating right.