My love for fitness turned into something so much more

I always looked at my interest in fitness as a hobby- never something I could focus on as a career.  After our children were born, I stayed at home with kids and like most stay at home moms…I started to focus on my children and work off the baby weight.  I looked into workouts I could do at home to make it easy for me to watch the kids and also squeeze in some “me time”.  I had a natural interest in fitness and although I was not at my goal by any means, I was having a blast learning new moves and trying new things.

When the opportunity to coach came up I thought- Immediately, I can’t do that….I’m not an expert, I’m not at my ideal weight, I don’t know how to take care of my nutrition, etc.  The lists of Cant’s seemed endless.  But the more and more I thought of it, the more and more I turned those CAN’Ts into CANs.  I CAN get to my ideal weight.  I CAN learn how to take care of my nutrition, I CAN help others, etc.  I finally said- WHY NOT? What do I have to lose? I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. trevor

I started January 2016 and this experience has changed my life.  I have more confidence than I ever had before, I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m happy and eager to start each day- meet people and help them reach their goals.  There’s something so rewarding when someone you don’t know messages you and says how much you inspire them, how much they look forward to seeing your posts.  This business is all about helping, uplifting and encouraging each other and I think we all need that in our lives from time to time.

(Photographer Trevor Venegas Hill Top Park in San Diego, CA)

To think what you want to think is to think truth

“It doesn’t matter what your reality looks like at the moment, because where you desire to be is the truth.” (You Are a Badass).

I wasn’t planning on going back to work after my son was born and the thought of working made me cringe.  I had an awful experience at my former place of employment right before I went on maternity leave and that experience left a sour taste in my mouth.  When the coaching opportunity fell in my lap, I knew I wanted to do it but I wanted to make it fun and exciting…something that I would be HAPPY and EAGER to do each day.  I wanted to help people reach their goals in an awesome environment because let’s face it, talking about our struggles and weight loss is NOT fun.  The results are fun, but who wants to admit they need help?

Computer When I started the business, I didn’t struggle, but I saw people around me moving up faster, hitting success, making more money and advancing in rank and that got a little fire in me.  I wasn’t comparing myself to them as in- “Why can’t I do it?” and throwing a pity party.  But it helped validate the potential that this company has to offer.  I thought, “If they can do it, why can’t I?”  I knew where I wanted to go…and I knew how to get there…it’s just that some people were getting there faster than I was.  I put my head down, and studied.  I studied all about shakeology, running effective challenge groups, how to engage/interact with others, nutrition, etc.  I watched training videos and took notes (lots of notes).  As I kept my head down, I started to get the momentum and actually moved my business forward.  In the months prior, my REALITY was that I was an emerald coach looking to succeed while her downline was advancing, and while fellow coaches who joined after were taking off faster.  My DESIRE to have a better future and provide for my family is what kept me going.  I could have taken the easy road and quit…got in my head and felt sorry for myself that I wasn’t moving at a certain pace….but instead, that drove me to work harder.

It doesn’t matter where I am at the moment, what matters to me is where I want to go.  “The one who kicks ass are the one who can see themselves kicking ass, who truly believe in themselves  and what they’re doing. The ones who feel weird or who worry too much can’t succeed.” (You are a Badass)



Not sure if Kenny was planning on it or not, but I talked him into doing 10 minute abs with me! Love having this guy with me!

accountability 3

Not here to be average

I don’t want to have an average life- average marriage, kids, house, car, job, friends. I want something more than that. I want to wake up excited and thrilled to start each day. I want to be out of my comfort zone and try new things, push myself harder and be a little better than the day before. I don’t want to settle for just average.


Eliminate Negativity

People used to say to me- “you’re too skinny to workout.” Or “you don’t have to watch what you eat since you’re skinny. ” or “You’re ordering a salad? What, do you think you’re fat?” Then…”Oh your metabolism is catching up to you ” ( Real words of encouragement) negative

All this shit people used to say made me feel guilty for wanting to be healthy or for wanting to improve myself. Guilty, yes. I was second guessing myself each time I went to the gym or went for a walk…thinking, do I really need to workout? Do I really need the salad? So what did I do??? I quit going to the gym, I stopped ordering from the healthy side because I didn’t want people making fun of me. I gave in. I totally let them get to me and stopped doing what I wanted because other people didn’t think it was a good idea for me.

What I wish I could’ve done was stand up for myself and said- “It’s not about being skinny or fat, it’s about being healthy….it’s about being strong.” I can’t control what people are going to say to me….but I can control what I’m going to do with it. I choose to turn that negative shit off!


Feeling Appreciated with BeachBody

What to wear….what to wear… oh, I’ll wear my new shirt Beachbody sent me as a job well done!! Thanks Carl!!! How awesome is it to know that you feel appreciated at your job.  That your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. I feel valued, respected, and appreciated.  I’m not just “another number” or “Coach #953026” I’m Lana and I’m helping people.T-shirt

My last job rewarded us for a job well done with junk food. They literally said, “great job team! We’re getting junk food from Costco!” Gee thanks.  I felt like upper management didn’t care about us.  I would have rather gotten a pat on the back, or a thank you card than 2 tables filled with skittles, pop corn and cheese puffs.

Saving Money at the Grocery Store

shoppingJust back from the grocery store and we are totally shocked by our bill. I meal planned for the rest of this week all the way through Saturday Sept 3 and only spent $113. What’s our secret? No coupons or anything like that. Simply planning our meals out and sticking to the list. And of course, avoiding the chip/cookie aisle where I’ll be tempted to throw anything in.

On a budget? Look through your kitchen and see what you have/don’t have. Create a menu, and make a list….THEN STICK TO IT.