What really happens when you see progress

What I hate about making progress, is thinking that I’m doing sooooo good that I can relax a little.   Because you know what happens? All that progress goes away since my head got big and told me to slow down. 🤪And what’s even harder, is GETTING back in it. 😳 I feel disappointed in myself because I didn’t keep up, mad that I didn’t keep my promise to myself and annoyed that I’m starting from square 1.

It’s ok to feel Disappointed, Mad or Annoyed. What’s not ok, is to feel like you’ve- failed, given up, quit.

Just because you saw progress 3 months ago and stopped working out, doesn’t mean you can’t start right now and see some progress in about 3 weeks.

The holidays are here NOW.. but don’t let that be an excuse to NOT do anything. Don’t tell yourself that you’ll get back on track in January…tell yourself you’ll do it now!!! Because it’s important NOW!!

My upcoming fitness accountability group starts Monday Nov 27. If this something you’re ready for, comment with your favorite emoji and I’ll send you some details. 😎😍💪🏋️