Who are you in competition with?

Comparing myself to the person next to me won’t help me get closer to my goal. But….it will give me motivation. It will show me that it IS possible to achieve it.

I used to think¬†¬†how can I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes… I’m older now, my body has changed, metabolism is different, and I’m a lot more tired now than I was when I was younger….so how on earth can I do this?

After seeing other moms change, I thought- if they could do it, WHY CAN’T I? I had to be careful to not compare myself to them….but I had to learn from them…. I didn’t focus on watching HER use 12 pounds while I struggled to lift 10. I didn’t stress on why SHE didn’t have to take breaks during her workout while I barely managed to make it 10 minutes. I didn’t worry about how she could eat salads and veggies all day while I hardly added one carrot into my diet each day.

But I knew if she could work hard…why couldn’t I work just as hard?

Don’t compare yourself to others….but let them be your motivation.