YOU are to BLAME

We can’t blame Halloween for the reason we’ve cheated. We can’t blame it on a stressful day at work or the kids. We can’t blame it on the holidays or that we’ve got company in town. Or that it’s the weekend, or a random Wednesday. We have to take ownership for our actions and we have to stop blaming outside things. We have to blame ourselves because WE are the only reason WE’VE messed up.

Yesterday, the kids stressed me out because they were acting crazy all day, I didn’t make the dinner I planned because I was exhausted, and after an evening of trick or treating I just wanted to lay in bed with some Skittles… I could’ve made the dinner anyway, I could’ve tried harder to get the kids to calm down, I could’ve said NO to the candy…. but I didn’t. 

I don’t blame anything or anyone but me… Mistakes are going to happen, but it’s how you deal with it and move past it. Today I get right back in it and keep going -pressing play and eating right.